RSS and AIMIM; two sides of the same coin

Written by Haris Butt

History holds the answer to the present radicalization in India. Emergence of both, the RSS and AIMIM, is quite similar, however, one chose to play the part of a coach and the other preferred to be on the ground.

Hindu Mahasabha – the parent body of the RSS – was against independence from the very beginning. They made every effort to destroy each Indian’s dream of attaining independence, whether it was boycotting Gandhi ji’s movements or supporting the British during the struggle. Whereas AIMIM was against in favor of integration with India and advocated the set up of a “Muslim dominion.”

The founder of RSS, K. B. Hedgewar Golwalkar made evident of his belief of Hindutva was Rashtriyatva in the aftermath of the Khilafat movement. He said, “Indian Muslims had proved themselves Muslims first and Indians only secondarily.” Hedgewar allegedly took inspiration from Adolf Hitler’s ideology of racial purity and was also deeply influenced by Veer Savarkar’s treatise of Hindutva. However, Savarkar himself was an atheist and also a pragmatic practitioner of Hindu philosophy; which seems like one is teaching math without believing in numbers.

Savarkar was the founding member of India House. a student residence which was opened to promote nationalist views among Indian students in Britain. However, on-grounds, its proceeding were far from preaching nationalism. From the Assassination of Sir W.H. Curzon Wyllie, political aide-de-camp to the Secretary of State for India and the investigations by Scotland Yard and the Indian Political Intelligence Office that followed the assassination sent the organization into decline. In 1910, Savarkar was arrested and ordered to be extradited to India for his connections with the extremist group India House.

On the voyage back to India, Savarkar staged an attempt to escape and seek asylum in France while the ship was docked in the port of Marseilles. However, the French port officials handed him back to the British in contravention of international law. On his return to India he was jailed and his famous letters to British rulers of being sorry are a slap on those faces who called him Veer.

A funny fact is that the RSS wanted Britishers to go back and to leave their army behind which was the re-installation of British military rule over India.

The BJP – the child of RSS – now wants us to believe that their ideological leaders fought for the independence of the country. However, far from independence, assassinating people of opposite ideology and ideas are in their veins and blood. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated as he belonged to the ideology of a secular India. However, India being a young country without means to connect dots and expertise, was not able to nail the RSS as it should have.

The MIM under Nizam of Hyderabad advocated the set up of a “Muslim dominion” rather than integration with India. In 1938, Bahadur Yar Jung was elected “president” of the MIM which had a “cultural” and religious manifesto. It soon acquired political complexion and after the death of Bahadur Yar Jang in 1944, Qasim Rizvi was elected as the leader. Razvi and MIM wanted a Muslim country to be carved out of Hyderabad as South Pakistan. However, the group was banned in 1948. Qasim Rizvi was jailed from 1948 to 1957, and was released on the condition that he would go to Pakistan where he was granted asylum. Before leaving, Qasim Rizvi handed over the responsibility of whatever remained of the Ittehadul Muslimeen, to Abdul Wahid Owaisi, a lawyer. And thus, the AIMIM was born

Its since then the division of India on the basis of religion is the main motive of both the groups. Both portray to the people of their religion that they are working in favor of them whereas the reality is far from the truth. They are hands in glove with each other  and leaves no stone unturned to radicalize the society.

The AIMIM were against the formation of Telangana. However, later, they were appeasing K. Chandrasekhar Rao who demolished mosques and mandirs while secretariat demolition, same AIMIM who was against Ram mandir and demolition of Babri masjid.

The sanity of Chandrashekar Rao can be questioned when he threatened that if the curfew during the pandemic was not followed, he would issue orders for violators of the curfew to be shot on sight. His superstitious practices are a matter of worry as he is destroying Telangana brick by brick and radicalized group like AIMIM are giving it a blind eye to feel protected and he is protecting them in return of votes.

AIMIM wants minority to feel unsafe hence they are always sniffing for the constituencies where they can weaken the secular voice and can help hindutva ideology to further threaten the minorities in the region and in return the communal parties gift AIMIM with riots, mob lynchings and killings in the name of religion to keep them validated.

Its an old saying that the oppressor meets his fate sooner then later. Hitler was an example. Both the BJP and the AIMIM should change their hate ideologies before reality catches up with them.

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