Indian Overseas Congress Shows the Way in United Kingdom

Written by Darshana Patel

Where there is a will, there is a way! As the world has been gripped by the this unprecedented health crisis, people from Indian Overseas Congress UK have been at the forefront to help many distressed Indian students who are studying in the United Kingdom and need help during this lockdown. Under the dynamic leadership of IOCUK President Shri Kamal Dhaliwal, Senior Vice President Mrs.Gurminder Randhawa and General Secretary Shri Venugopal Gampa reached out to 60 students in need and have provided them with essential groceries like milk, rice, pulses, wheat, cooking oil and toiletries and are helping them pay rent during this lockdown.

Food for Indians in need in the UK

A special mention goes to Mr.Taffazzel Hussain, Vice President Indian Youth Congress UK who is presently in Kolkata and is helping daily wage labourers with ration kit. As of now he along with his friends have helped by providing 600 ration kits to these needy people and also with kind generous contributions from IOCUK members like Mr.Saurabh Bhandari who is always passionate towards any cause back in India and is always at the forefront to help. Ms.Tina Bakshi who follows the principles laid in Sikhism and being a Clinician she is not only helping people in UK but also supporting the cause of providing PPE’s in the hospitals of Punjab. She has not seen her only child for weeks as being a Clinician she is always at a high risk and has to self isolate once she is home. We have a young member, Shri Imam Haque, who has not only contributed for the plight of labourers but is also helping students in East London along with Asra Anjumji in providing food and accommodation to students in need. Imam recounts his days as a student and understands the hardship that they all face. We have Ms.Shabo who has also contributed generously as her faith and religion teaches her empathy and service towards humankind.

We also have legal help from Ms.Shaima Ammal who is there to help these students with any kind legal aid that they would need. Ms.Vedica has been kindly offering mental health counselling to anyone who needs it.

Mr. Kamal Dhaliwal, along with Mrs. Gurminder Randhawa and Mr. Venugopal Gampa have been the pillar of support to all those who need help, right from attending calls to delivering food to students, even as far as Manchester, and helping with their accommodation. Mr. Venuopal Gampa has been helping 12 students from Telangana on his own. He has been an inspiration to many since his NSUI days back in India and Mrs. Randhawa has been personally helping and providing groceries to 9 students stranded in Manchester.We don’t call her Mummy of our team for nothing as she is always there for any and every one. IOCUK Midland chapter has been doing seva in the form of serving food to the community during this lockdown period. Shri Gurpreet ji and Shri Suju Daniel ji are also doing a remarkable job in helping their communities during this crisis. Shri Kamal Dhaliwalji has been coordinating and reaching out to every student in need in the UK. He is leading by example and walking the talk.

These are tough times and we at IOCUK are trying to do everything possible in our capacity as an Overseas branch of Congress in reducing the stress and hardships faced by Indian students in UK. We are determined and dedicated to help as many Indians as we can.

Each and every member of IOCUK has been actively involved in helping needy and poor people back in India in their town, district and city by contributing towards ration kits, PPE procurement, food etc. The less fortunate in India remain our focus as we all are doing our little bit to alleviate their hardships in any form we could do. We take pride in doing our duty towards our motherland.

Hopefully this crisis would be over soon and world would return to normalcy but we are ready and committed  for any challenges that come our way and do our fair bit for the society in general and India in particular.

Also special mention and thanks goes to all these members Fakir Chand Sahota ji, Sira Aulakh ji, Jas Sindhu ji, Amrit Barmij ji, Jinda Shergill ji, Rachpal Singh ji, Sudhakar Goud ji, Kulwant Chatha ji, Asra ji, Imam ji, Nachatar Kalsi ji, Gurpreet ji, Gurminder Randhawa ji, Venugopal Gampa ji and Shri Kamal Dhaliwal ji and Darshana ji. 

Shri Kamal Dhaliwal ji appreciates and thanks all the members of IOC UK in extending their help to the needy and vulnerable in these tough times. It is doing it’s best to reduce the hardships of fellow Indians in best possible manner and shall continue to do so in alleviating humanitarian crisis.


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