Will PM Modi accept #RahulKaChallenge?

Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has time and again challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to debate with him on various issues such as corruption, Rafale deal, unemployment etc.

Not just this, Gandhi has also termed PM Modi a ‘coward’ for not holding a single press conference in the past years and only doing ‘scripted interviews.’

On the same lines, the Congress today ran a hashtag, #RahulKaChallenge, reminding PM Modi of the various times when the Gandhi scion challenged him for a debate.

“कहते हैं 56 इंच की छाती है मगर हर चुनौती से घबराते हैं। जब भी सुनते हैं राफेल का नाम चौकीदार पीठ दिखाकर भाग जाते हैं। #RahulKaChallenge,” said Congress in a tweet.

The party also posted a video on its Twitter handle, terming it as PM Modi’s ‘unscripted interview.’

“BREAKING: Modi ne #RahulKaChallenge accept kiya aur apne Pradhan Mantri ke karyakal mein pehli baar ek unscripted interview diya. Dekhiye (Modi accepted #RahulKaChallenge and for the first time in his tenure of Prime Minister, gave an unscripted interview. Watch),” the tweet read.

The hashtag is already trending and people are posting various issues on which PM Modi has conveniently chosen to stay silent.

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Let’s have a look at some other tweets:

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