While BJP celebrates its hollow victory, India will mourn the defeat of democracy, says Rahul Gandhi


Disappointed by the series of events happening in Karnataka with BJP ‘s Yeddyurappa sown-in as the Chief Minister despite the Congress having the numbers, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday termed it as the ‘mockery of our Constitution’.  “The BJP’s irrational insistence that it will form a Govt. in Karnataka, even though it clearly doesn’t have the numbers, is to make a mockery of our Constitution. This morning, while the BJP celebrates its hollow victory, India will mourn the defeat of democracy,” Gandhi tweeted.

Meanwhile, the Congress is protesting at Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Vidhan Soudha against Yeddyurappa’s swearing-in. “Matter is pending before the court. We will go to the people and tell them how BJP is going against the Constitution,” Siddaramaiah said.

The Congress has also shown its resentment against the Governor’s decision. It said that failure of Governor Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala to invite Congress-JD(S)-BSP alliance in the assembly is ex facie unconstitutional, illegal and arbitrary.

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Since Yeddyurappa has sworn-in as the Chief Minister, the BJP has 15 days to prove its majority on the floor in the House. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has instructed the BJP to show its list, whereby it has declared the majority, to it tomorrow. If it fails to do so, the Supreme Court could instruct to conduct the floor test in two days, in which case, the newly-formed BJP government in Karnataka is bound to fall and the Congress will take over then.

If all happens by fair means then nothing will be able to stop the Congress from forming its government in Karnataka. But if the BJP continues to misuse its muscle of money and power, then even the judiciary won’t be able to bring justice.

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