#WhatWouldGandhiDo: Q&A with his great grandson Tushar Arun Gandhi!


Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo regarding GST implementation?

A: He would study it then point out its flaws, suggest amendments and then lead a people’s movement for correcting the flaws.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about demonetisation?

A: He would have highlighted the suffering of the poor and infirm and condemned it as a Himalayan Blunder.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about lynching of Muslims and Dalits in the name of cow protection?

A: He would have fought for justice for the victims and would have laid the blame at the door of the campaign of hate and held it responsible for the tragedy.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo regarding the violent crackdown on BHU women students by the BJP-controlled police in the Prime Minister’s own constituency of Varanasi?

A: He would have told the girls to stand firm and not succumb to the barbarity of the oppressor. He would have stood with them in the front ranks.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about the dishonest repackaging of schemes like Saubhagya Yojana to delay their achievement by a year and escape the people’s criticism?

A: He would have laughed them off and exposed the hypocrisy.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about horse-trading, threats of president’s rule, or politically motivated CBI, IT and ED raids on Modi’s political opponents in non-NDA state governments?

A: He would have termed this Dushta Raj. He would have decried the immorality of power.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about the killing of rationalists and the curbing of freedom of expression?

A: He would have hailed them as the conscience-keepers of India and warned us against the peril of the culture of murder.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about the politics of hate being spread through anonymous trolls on Twitter?

A: He would call them cowards and dismissed them as cowards who attack from hiding. He would not have bothered about them.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about anti-conversion centres to prevent inter-religious and inter-caste marriages?

A: He would call it social terrorism and condemned it unequivocally.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about the increase of government-levied indirect taxes from 3% in his time to 10.2% of GDP under the Modi Sarkar?

A: He would condemn it as being immoral and a sign of inefficient administration.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about AFSPA?

A: He would fight for its repeal.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about farmer suicides?

A: He would grieve for them and he would work to improve their lot proactively. He would also agitate to protect their rights.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about dwindling jobs for the youth in the country?

A: He would launch programs to educate the youth to be self-reliant instead of merely criticising Government policies.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about this narrative of a Hindu Rashtra or Hindutva?

A: He would dismiss it as being irrelevant to the idea of India.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about the saffronisation of education and maligning of history?

A: He would have launched an alternative education system.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about the Modi and the Sangh Parivar?

A: He would dismiss them as an aberration.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about growing consumerism?

A: He would consider it the greatest weakness and danger to society.

Q: #WhatWouldGandhiDo about the increase in foreign imports due to Make In India’s failure?

A: He would launch another Swadeshi Andolan.

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