We will work for welfare of marginalised: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

While addressing a public meeting in Srinagar, Uttarakhand, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said that if they come to power, their government would work for the welfare of the marginalised.

Other highlights from his speech are:

  • The concept of NYAY comes with the intention of eradicating poverty in 21st century. It is a surgical strike on poverty
  • Indian economy is jammed shut because money is taken away from people through demonetisation and Gabbar Singh Tax (Goods and Services Tax). We will increase the purchasing power of people through NYAY scheme

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  • When a soldier of the paramilitary forces die on the line of duty, they do not get ‘Shaheed’ status. We have promised to give them the ‘Shaheed’ status’ in our manifesto
  • Jobs are generated by small and medium businesses, but they were completely destroyed through Gabbar Singh Tax. We will simplify it and implement a single, minimum tax
  • We will have a separate budget for farmers. This will clearly declare the amount allocated by the government to help our farmers
  • We want the engine of the Indian economy to be turned on. It’ll have 2 benefits: the poor will get money and the economy will move forward

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