We will have special budget for farmers: Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday promised that the Budget under their government will have a special budget for farmers.

“The next budget, that the Congress govt places in the Lok Sabha, is going to have a dedicated budget for farmers. Every single farmer will know in the beginning of the year what the govt is going to do for them,” Gandhi said while addressing a public meeting in Kolar, Karnataka.

Gandhi further said that the Congress government will make it illegal to put any farmer in jail for defaulting on his bank loan.

“After the 2019 elections, when we come to power, not a single farmer is going to go to jail for not being able to pay back your loans. We will make it illegal to put any farmer in jail for defaulting on his bank loan,” he said.

Other highlights from his speech are:

  • This election is a fight between two ideologies: the Congress party which stands for unity and development, and the BJP/RSS & Narendra Modi who work only for 15-20 people, who want to divide the country and spread hatred
  • Five years back, Modi promised 15 lakhs, 2 crore jobs and fair prices for farmers. After coming to power, BJP President himself said that 15 lakhs in everyone’s account is a jumla
  • Today Modi neither talks about farmers nor about employment. BJP’s manifesto is also silent about employment

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  • Chowkidar lied to the nation, we have decided to speak the truth. We have decided to give NYAY to the people. We will give 20% of the poorest in India ₹72000/year, that is ₹3,60,000 in 5 years
  • Chowkidar seems worried after we have announced ‘NYAY’. Modiji is asking where this money is going to come from? I want to tell him that this money will come from Anil Ambani’s pocket
  • You were made to stand in queues in front of banks in the name of fight against black money. They make you deposit all your money in banks, and then you hear that Nirav Modi has run away with your money
  • Modi made our farmers, shopkeepers, and small businessmen suffer by carrying out demonetisation. Later, they were hit again by Gabbar Singh Tax. When we come to power, we will remove Gabbar Singh Tax and give you a simple GST
  • Unemployment in the country is at a 45-year-high. Modiji only does his Mann Ki Baat, we believe in doing Kaam Ki Baat
  • We have promised that if any young entrepreneur from Karnataka wants to start a business, you aren’t required to seek any permission for 3 years. Permissions will be required only after 3 yrs when your business is established
  • We are committed to giving you 33% reservation in the Assemblies and the Lok Sabha when we come to power. We will provide Rs 72000 per year to 20% of the poorest families, and the money will go into women’s accounts
  • The old slogan was ‘Acche Din Aayenge’. The new slogan is ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’. This is the real face of Narendra Modi

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