WATCH: Times Now reporter manhandles WION journalist at Aero India event

Times Now

Times Now reporter Srinjoy Chowdhury drew flak on social media when a video of him manhandling a WION news channel female journalist went viral on Wednesday.

During Aero India event in Bengaluru on Wednesday, when WION journalist Nischita Verrendra was getting a quote from a guest, Chowdhury shoved and pushed her in order to get a byte for his channel.

Watch the video here:

It can be seen in the video that not once, but Chowdhury tried to push Verrendra twice. After being pushed the first time, Verrendra tries to continue with her interview but is again pushed by Chowdhury in an attempt to take the guest’s quote.

After receiving huge criticism, the Times Now reporter took to Twitter to apologise.

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“Unconditional apologies to Wion reporter for what happened this morning. Deeply regret a moment of unacceptable conduct. Begging forgiveness. Regards,” he tweeted.

The WION journalist replied to his tweet and it can be clearly made out from her tweet that she did not accept his apology.

“My name is Nischita Verrendra. It’s hard to believe this apology since you told me and I quote ‘Yes, I don’t have decency on field’ and ‘you are not worth being manhandled’. So let’s just accept that we have an indecent reporter amidst us,” she wrote on Twitter.

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