WATCH: After marrying Dalit, BJP MLA’s daughter requests for police protection from father


The daughter of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA from Bithari Chainpur in Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) Rajesh Misra got married last week. In a video that is going viral, she has claimed that her life is under threat because she has married a Dalit man.

In the video uploaded on social media, Sakshi Misra (23) announces that she has married Ajitesh Kumar (29) and appeals her family to leave them alone and let them live happily.

In the video, Sakshi can be heard saying, “Papa (Rajesh Kumar Mishra alias Pappu Bhartaul) and brother Vicky Bhartaul, please make peace with this decision of mine. Live peacefully and let us live peacefully…I am warning you that if anything happens to me I will ensure before my death that people like Rajeev Rana, who you’ve sent to chase us, will spend his entire life bhind bars. Please stop bothering Ajitesh’s family. They have not done anything. It was completely my and Ajitesh’s decision. I want to say through this video that in future, if anything happens to me or my husband and his family, then my father, my brother and Rajeev Rana will be responsible for it.”

“I would like to request the MPs, MLAs and ministers of Bareilly that all those who are helping my father should withdraw their help as my life is seriously in danger. Please father, change your mentality. Ajitesh and his family are good human beings, stop bothering us,” she says while ending the video.

In another such video, she, along with her husband, declares that they have married each other and that her father is after their lives now. They are being chased by goons and that they need protection. They can be seen appealing police to provide them protection.

They also narrate an incident where Rajeev Rana (the one person mentioned by Sakshi in her video, who’s chasing her on her father’s instructions), along with other men reached the hotel where they were staying but they were lucky to have escaped from there.

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