Twitter had a good day yesterday, courtesy BJP gaffe, sorry graph

BJP graph

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), yesterday, tweeted two infographics, on petrol and diesel retail selling prices in Delhi and captioned it as ‘Truth of Hike in Petroleum Prices.’

The rate at which petrol prices have surged has increased by 13 percent between 2014 and 2018, which is lesser than the rate when compared to the jump between 2009 to 2014 at 75.8 percent. BJP’s goof-up moment was, when instead of clearly depicting the drop in ‘rate’, it showed a drop in absolute ‘prices’.

Similarly, in the graph on diesel prices, the BJP has again indicated a decrease in the hike percentage from 2014 to 2018 by showing a drop in the price bar – when in reality, diesel prices have risen to Rs 72.83 from Rs 56.71.

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Congress was quick enough to grab the opportunity and within an hour, it “fixed” the BJP’s faulty graph.

It can be made out from the graph that that oil prices rose with the rise in international crude oil prices during the UPA regime. However, from 2014-2018, the oil price hike has seen a 13 per cent increase despite a 34 per cent fall in internal crude oil price.

Well, even netizens didn’t spare the BJP for this gaffe of theirs and told them the ‘truth’ in their own humorous ways.

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