Twitter fuming over BJP’s dirty tricks in Karnataka

The sequence of events going on in Karnataka post the assembly elections results on May 15, has filled the general public with anger and disappointment with the present Central government which is doing anything and everything only to gain power in the state. Right from offering bribes to horse-trading, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is resorting to everything unconstitutional only to come in power.

There is resentment among people across the country and majority of them are supporting the Congress, which is rightfully claiming its stake to form the government in alliance with the Janata Dal Secualr (JD(S)) after crossing the half-way mark of 112 needed to form the government.

Have a look at the tweets some of the people expressing their utter disappointment over the recent events taking place in Karnataka:

A twitter user Sanjiv Bhatt tweeted a picture of Congress MLA and appreciated him for remaining true to his party.

Journalist Nikhil Wagle also pointed out towards the wrong means the BJP is resorting to in Karnataka.

Some other tweets are as follows:

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