Thai Ambassador asked by Modi Govt to stay away from distribution of Kerala relief material

Thai ambassador

Thailand’s ambassador to India Chutintorn Gongsakdi on Friday publicly expressed his disappointment over the Indian government asking him to stay from the distribution of relief material for Kerala flood victims provided by Thai companies.

In a letter written to Thai companies registered in India and released by him on his Twitter handle, he said he has been informally that although these companies are registered in India, it would not be advisable for him to be present at any handing over occasion.

“I therefore regret to inform you that your ambassador will not be able to participate in your company’s handing over of relief to Kerala and I urge you and your companies to consider what you deem to be the most appropriate option for disposing of the intended generous relief,” he wrote in his letter.

In another tweet, Gongsakdi claimed that Thailand has offered government-to-government assistance but it was “politely refused”. The authorities then proposed business-to-government assistance via Thai companies registered in India, but he was “politely advised not to be present at handing over.”

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“Kerala Flood Relief – Perseverance: 1. Propose G-to-G assistance – politely refused 2. Propose B-to-G assistance by Thai companies registered in India – politely advised not to be present at handing over 3. Propose Thai companies registered in India proceed without me,” Gongsakdi’s tweet read.

Here is the letter posted by him on his Twitter account:

“This is extraordinary. When a helpful Govt reaches out to offer support to people in distress & need, the Ambassador is told to stay out of it. Our Govt puts petty pride &arrogance before human needs. US accepted our aid for Katrina, but India is too grand to do so? #KeralaFloods,” Congress MP from Kerala Shashi Tharoor tweeted quoting Gongsakdi’s tweet.

The contribution extended by Thai companies was to be handed over to the Resident Commissioner of Kerala in New Delhi. The amount would be donated to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

It is unfortunate that at such a crucial time, when Kerala is in dire need of help, the Centre is indulging in such trivial games.

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