Social media ball not in Modi’s court anymore!

In the current times, the BJP seems to be losing grip over social media, which helped it once in achieving electoral gains.

The 2014 Lok Sabha elections had a huge influence of social media, which is now evidently fading away.

The BJP is wavering due to the anti-Modi material appearing in amass on social media these days. The ironical part being, such anti-Modi and anti-BJP material appearing on social media happens to be old speeches and tweets of Modi and his cadre of ministers, which people are now using to expose their jumlas.

The fear in the BJP can be seen by the fact that eminent leaders of the party are coming out and appealing to the public not to be a victim of the social media propaganda. While Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh advising people against forwarding messages without verifying their authenticity, BJP president Amit Shah appealed to his cadres to be vigilant against “anti-BJP propaganda.”

The rising rage of people against the BJP can be seen by their posts on social media. Several hashtags and pages have erupted on social media calling the bluff of Modi and his party. The ever-increasing distance between BJP’s poll promises and its performances post coming into power has been pointed out by the users in the forms of trolls, memes, GIFs etc.

BJP is losing its charm and people are using this opportunity to the fullest to vent out their anger, their dissent, their dissatisfaction and their “blunder’ of choosing Modi as their Prime Minister.

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