Rise up students, your future is at risk: Rahul Gandhi to UPSC aspirants


Raising concerns over the recent change sought by Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding allocation of services to successful candidates of the civil services examination, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday warned the civil services aspirants to be beware of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which is trying to grab what rightfully belongs to these aspirants.

“Rise up students, your future is at risk! RSS wants what’s rightfully yours. The letter below reveals the PM’s plan to appoint officers of RSS’s choice into the Central Services, by manipulating the merit list using subjective criteria, instead of exam rankings. #ByeByeUPSC,” Gandhi tweeted.

With the intention of taking control over another independent institution by planting their own candidates in various departments, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is considering a change in the allocation of services to successful candidates of the civil services examination. It has asked the department if the services can be allocated post the completion of the foundation course.

At present, service allocation takes place right after the examination results are out and before the foundation course commences. But now, the PMO desires to allocate services to candidates after the foundation course.

This is clearly another attempt by the BJP-RSS to plant their own people in different institutions, thereby, influencing the decision-making of the department and getting everything done as wanted.

Such a thing was never attempted by the UPA government. It respected the independence of institutions and gave it a free hand to them in things related to their departments.

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