Retd Vice Admiral lambasts PM Modi for INS Viraat allegation, claims Rajiv Gandhi was on official visit

INS विराट

Training the guns on the Gandhi family, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi used Indian Navy’s aircraft carrier INS Viraat as his “personal taxi” on a family vacation.

“At the time when, INS Virat was positioned for protection of maritime boundaries, it was sent to take Rajiv Gandhi and his family to an island for their holiday.  Even his in-laws were onboard INS Virat. Was it not a compromise of national security?” PM Modi said while addressing a public meeting in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan.

Turns out, it is yet another lie manufactured by PM Modi himself.

Vice Admiral Vinod Pasricha (Retd) has himself refuted the same, terming it as wrong and being blown out of the proportion.

“It’s totally wrong. It’s totally wrong. They did come onboard and they did stay onboard. They’d come on an official visit. There were no visitors. All that has been said is totally incorrect. This is something which is always done and I think they are making too much of it,” Pasricha said while speaking to Times Now.

Listen to his comment here:

Using the opportunity to show PM Modi the reality, Congress spokesperson quoted Mr. Pasricha and said that facts don’t matter to PM Modi.

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“Vice Admiral Vinod Pasricha (Retd) said that this is a lie. The then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was on an official visit, it was not a holiday but facts don’t matter to Mr. Narendra Modi,” Khera said while addressing a press conference.

PM Modi stooping so low as to spewing lies and making false claim doesn’t behove a PM. He represents a country and should be responsible when making statements.

5 thoughts on “Retd Vice Admiral lambasts PM Modi for INS Viraat allegation, claims Rajiv Gandhi was on official visit

  1. PM always comments based on facts. Vice Admiral Pasricha should submit facts not comments.

  2. some people who think he did any good want to support BJP…. all I can see is that they have given us nothing but hiccups and bumps down “5 year” road……. the most I think was that what they had was just they let the army do surgical strikes (offensive ) instead of making country being defensive……. so far….there is nothing that Mr. Modi or BJP proved their salt.

  3. Responsible PM can never tell a false words to impress the peoples. The words once spoken can never be called back like bullet from the gun. How the people listen the false story from a PM can be clarified the facts of the case later? The retired Admiral replied as a responsible General. PM should always try to do good, better and best for the citizens without longing the seat of PM India again.

  4. Dear Sir MODI Ji,
    It is my personal request that Hon’ble PM is a MANIFESTO of our country, INDIA.
    It must be once again re-thinked before deliberate such speech.

    With Regards,
    D K Suman

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