Rajasthan: No patient admitted in 40 Ayurveda hospitals for 5 years

Ayurveda hospitals

According to a Comptroller and Auditor General report, not even a single patient was admitted in 40 Ayurveda hospitals in Rajasthan for five consecutive years.

The CAG report was tabled in the Rajasthan Assembly during the monsoon session last week, and it said that no patient was admitted in 40 hospitals for five consecutive years. Apart from this no patients were admitted in 48 hospitals for four years in a row and in 49 hospitals for three straight years.

The report also said that it incurred a total expenditure of ₹2,655.89 crore during the five years between 2012 and 2017. A huge chunk of this amount, up to 95.49 per cent went in pay and allowances.

“Out of the 118 district hospitals, no patient was admitted in 60 hospitals during 2012-13, which increased to 79 in 2016-17. In spite of this trend, no review to reduce/relocate the staff was conducted,” the report read.

Disproportionate manpower deployment was also observed in these hospitals.

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No medical officers were found to be posted in 645 dispensaries, out of the total 3,577 dispensaries. What is shocking is that only two medical officers were posted in 40 dispensaries. This is against the requirement of one officer in every dispensary.

Also, due to the high expenditure on pay and allowances, a very small percentage of the total amount of ₹2,655.89 crore was left  for important activities such as buying drugs and equipments and expanding infrastructure.

This is nothing less than a scam where money is being spent on various hospitals with no sign of even one patient being admitted. The manpower is getting wasted, the resources are getting wasted, the funds are getting wasted, all at the cost of taxpayers’ money.

The BJP government in the state should look into the matter and should address this problem at the earliest.

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