Rahul Gandhi writes to PM Modi, urges him to support Women’s Reservation Bill

Women’s Reservation Bill

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to support the passing of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the upcoming Monsoon session of Parliament.

The Congress president took to Twitter to release and letter writing, “Our PM says he’s a crusader for women’s empowerment? Time for him to rise above party politics, walk-his-talk & have the Women’s Reservation Bill passed by Parliament. The Congress offers him its unconditional support. Attached is my letter to the PM. #MahilaAakrosh.”

“Mr. Prime Minister, in many of your public rallies you have spoken about your passion for empowering women and involving them more meaningfully in public life. What better way to demonstrate your commitment to the cause of women, than by offering your unconditional support to the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill?” Gandhi wrote in his letter.

The Congress president urged the Prime Minister to stand together and rise above party politics to enable women to take their rightful place in state legislatures and in Parliament.

Gandhi also apprised PM Modi of the Congress party collecting 3.2 million signatures of men and women in support of the bill.

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“In the order to raise awareness and public build support, the Congress party has collected over 3.2 million signatures of Indian men and women, in support of the bill. We submit these signatures to your care and humbly seek your support in ensuring that the Women’s Reservation Bill is passed by Parliament so that women can participate more meaningfully in the 2019 General Elections and the state elections later this year,” he wrote.

It is now expected of the Prime Minister to respond in a positive way, and as mentioned, rise above party politics and support the cause which will not only empower women but would also help the nation in moving forward.

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