Rahul Gandhi takes dig at ‘BJP social media troll army’


While informing about accompanying his mother and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi to her annual medical check-up, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday took a dig at ‘BJP social media troll army’, asking them not to get too worked up as he will be back soon.

“Will be out of India for a few days, accompanying Sonia ji to her annual medical check-up. To my friends in the BJP social media troll army: don’t get too worked up…I’ll be back soon!” Gandhi tweeted.

Sonia Gandhi will be travelling abroad for her annual medical examination. She underwent a surgery in the United States in 2011.

Gandhi is expected to return to India in a week while Sonia Gandhi would stay abroad for a longer period.

Rahul Gandhi has been getting very direct in his attacks on Prime Minister Modi and the BJP government.

On Saturday, the Gandhi scion said PM Modi was a master communicator but struggled in dealing with complex issues, while pointing out the latter’s inefficiency in dealing with major issues hitting the country.

On the occasion of completion of four years of the Modi government, the Congress president took to Twitter to award grades to Modi government in the fields of agriculture, foreign policy, fuel prices and employment. He also hit out the BJP’s love for self-promotion and advertising.

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“4 Yr. Report Card: Agriculture:            F, Foreign Policy:       F, Fuel Prices:            F, Job Creation:         F, Slogan Creation:   A+, Self Promotion:     A+, Yoga:                      B-. Remarks: Master communicator; struggles with complex issues; short attention span,” Gandhi tweeted.


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