Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi for calling Bengaluru ‘garbage city’


Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for calling Bengaluru a “garbage city”.  Rahul Gandhi further said that building lies came naturally to the Prime Minister, but building cities was not his cup of tea. He then provided a creative showing data that stood in contrast to PM Modi’s claims.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Dear PM, Calling Bengaluru, the garden city & the pride of India a “garbage city” is insulting. Building lies comes naturally to you, but you seem to find building cities very difficult. The data nails your lies”.

The photo, along with the tweet, mentioned that the Congress president claimed that the Congress-UPA government provided 1100% more funds to Karnataka’s cities as compared to the Modi government. It further showed that while the Congress provided Rs. 6,570 crore to Karnataka’s cities, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) only provided Rs. 598 crore.

While addressing a rally in Bengaluru yesterday, Prime Minister Modi said, “Bengaluru is admired as a ‘Garden City.’ But the Karnataka government is trying to turn this into a garbage city”. Obviously, it did not go down well with the Congress party, whose president then took charge of responding to the absurd allegation.

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Yesterday itself, Rahul Gandhi gave PM Modi an ‘F’ grade for its zero contribution towards Karnataka’s agricultural sector. “Mr Modi’s Report Card. State: Karnataka, Sub: Agriculture. 1. Contribution to Cong State Govts 8,500 Cr Farm Loan waiver = 0 Rs. 2. PM’s crop insurance scheme: Farmers suffer; pvt insurance companies make huge profits. 3. No MSP+50%, for Karnataka farmers. Grade = F,” the Congress president tweeted.

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