Rahul Gandhi promises free education to all girls in Odisha if Congress forms govt

Rahul Gandhi

While addressing a public meeting in Odisha’s Koraput, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that if his party comes to power in Odisha, it will provide free education to every girl in the state.

“When we form the government, we will provide free education to every girl in Odisha,” Gandhi said.

While speaking at the rally, Gandhi also listed various other promises directed especially towards women.

They are:

  • We will provide ₹2,000 widow allowance and financial assistance for marriage of every poor woman
  • For women’s safety, a special officer will be posted in every panchayat.
  • A financial corporation will be formed to assist small and medium women entrepreneurs

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Gandhi also attacked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government over various issues such as the Rafale deal, Land Acquisition Bill, farm loan waiver etc.

He said:

  • Few days ago, Indian airforce attacked Pakistan. HAL plant in Odisha manufactures engines for various aircrafts. When our IAF protects the nation. In a certain way, youth of Odisha has a role in that
  • PM Modi on one hand talks about nationalism, but on the other takes away the Rafale deal from HAL and gives it to Anil Ambani
  • By taking away the Rafale deal from HAL, while the French benefit from it, youth of Odisha have lost the opportunity for employment
  • We gave you land rights by introducing Tribal Rights Act, Land Acquisition Act. The laws clearly stated that the land should be acquired only through consensus and should be paid 4 times the market price
  • Thrice, Chowkidar tried to undo the Land Acquisition Bill and we stopped him every time. But, today in the BJP States, the law is weakened and land is acquired from Adivasis and farmers without consent
  • In Bastar, Chhattisgarh, land acquired by TATA was left unused for 10 years. When we formed the government, we returned the land to the Adivasis. This is your right
  • Today MSP for paddy is increased to ₹2500 in Chhattisgarh by the Congress government. We will do the same in Odisha when we form the government
  • BJP cheered loudly in the Parliament for giving ₹3.50 to our farmers, whereas Modi government has waived off loans worth ₹3,50,000Cr of a handful of corporates. They have made a mockery of our farmers’ struggles

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