PM Modi does not know how to take India forward: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in parliament, Congress President Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack at the former and said the PM does not know how to take India forward.

In a press release statement, the Congress President listed three critical problems that India is facing today:

  • Each day over 30,000 youth enter the job market. Of these, we can provide only 450 of them a job. We are creating an army of 1 million new unemployed youth each month.
  • Agriculture, India’s backbone is under severe stress. Inadequate remuneration and a lack of government support is breaking the will of our farmers and forcing them to commit suicide.
  • India faces new dangers on her borders, with frequent ceasefire violations by Pakistan that have taken Indian lives, and a Chinese build-up near Doklam. The security of our nation is at peril.

He further said that the Prime Minister only tried to divert attention from these problems.

“The nation expected the Prime Minister to address these three issues and provide us with a vision. We were waiting to support and applaud him for such a vision. Instead the Prime Minister’s speech today was an attempt at diverting the nation’s attention from these three problems,” he said.

“The truth is the Prime Minister does not know how to take India forward. That is why he always reaches into the past,” he further said.

He again raised the three questions that were posed to the government by the Opposition.

  • Did the Prime Minister get the necessary clearances from the Cabinet Committee on Security before he negotiated and committed to the purchase of RAFALE aircraft in France?
  • How much did the Prime Minister agree to pay for each aircraft?
  • Why did the Prime Minister bypass HAL and prefer to favour a private entity with no previous defence production experience?

Gandhi concluded by saying that they got to hear a visionless election speech from the Prime Minister.

“We expected a vision. Instead we got a visionless election speech. It didn’t have the gravitas or maturity you would expect of the Prime Minister,” he said.

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