PM Modi’s Twitter followers down by 3 lakhs in just 24 hours

As expected, Twitter’s elimination of “locked” users accounts from public follower counts has resulted in a decline of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s followers count.

Within a span of just 24 hours, PM Modi has lost 3 lakh followers on the social networking site.

Twitter announced a global crackdown on fake and automated accounts on July 11, after which big Twitter accounts witnessed a drop in their follower count, including that of PM Modi as well.

On July 12, PM Modi’s follower count was observed to be 43,371,783, which dropped to 43,181,509 today i.e. July 13.

Even the Twitter handle of the Prime Minister’s Office also saw a loss of 1 lakh followers in the last 24 hours.

A Twitter user, Akash Banerjee took a jibe at the Prime Minister by terming the Twitter purge as #SwachhTwitter initiative.

He tweeted, “The #SwachhTwitter initiative is already showing results [email protected]’s account is already down 300,000 bots ?? But what is worrisome is that @SrBachchan will now have a meltdown.”

It’s good that Twitter came up with such an initiative, which would help in filtering the genuine accounts and remove bots, oops, we mean “locked” accounts.

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