PM Modi’s 100% electrification claim another lie, data shows 94% villages were electrified before 2014


The claim made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of his government achieving 100% electrification of all villages in India has turned out to be false. Data analysed and presented by the government show that approximately 94% of the Indian villages were already electrified before May 2014. As per the 2001 census, there were a total 5,93,732 villages in India whereas the present government has used the 2011 census which shows a total of 5,97,464 villages in India. Till October 31, 2013, 5,61,613 villages were electrified, which show that roughly 93.99% villages were already electrified half a year before the Modi government came to power.

Also, as per sources, out of the newly electrified villages, only 8% villages have all homes with electricity. Above that, the government has decided not to change the definition of electrification. Presently, a village is considered electrified if 10% of the total number of households, including public places such as schools and health centres.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi termed the government’s claim as ‘yet another lie’ and attached a news piece with his tweet which claimed that the reality on ground was very different from what the government has claimed.

Former finance minister P. Chidambaram termed the claim as a “complete jumla” of the government, who was trying to take the credit for the work done by the previous governments. “Dear Amit Shahji, India has 6,49,867 villages. Congress connected 97% with electricity. During UPA (2004-14), Congress electrified 1,07,600 villages. In 60 yrs, Congress average is electrifying 10,000 villages per year. Congress created #PowerfulIndia but didn’t boast! ½,” he tweeted. “Dear Modiji, On 26th May 2014; only 18,452 villages were without electrification. BJP government took 46 months to complete this at an average of 4,813 villages per year. This is – ‘celebrating inefficiencies’ and taking ‘fake credit’ for Congress work,” he added.

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