Party leaders “insulting” Dalits, says BJP MP


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Dalit MP from Bahraich, Savitri Bai Phule on Friday expressed her anger over the recent visit of her party leaders to Dalit houses, and said party leaders were “insulting” Dalits by going to their homes, dining with them and then sharing photos on social media. Criticising the leaders’ move of getting their meals prepared from outside instead of eating the food prepared by Dalits themselves.

“The leaders eat at homes of Dalits but not the food prepared by them. They get their food prepared from outside and eat in utensils brought from outside. This is only a photo-op. They get their pictures clicked in those houses and then circulate them on social media, only to gain publicity. These leaders should eat the food prepared and served by Dalits in their plates. By not doing so, they are only insulting the entire Dalit community,” Phule said.

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Phule’s sharp comments come in the backdrop of BJP minister Suresh Rana visiting a Dalit’s house. It was alleged that the minister arranged for food and water from outside and had the same when he visited the house.

Phule further said that if the ministers really want to respect Dalits, then they should eat the food prepared by them. “If they really want to give respect to the Dalit community, then instead of doing this they should provide basic necessities to them,” she said.

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Last month also, Phule raised her voice against the government’s appeal to amend the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. She claimed that reservation benefits for SC/STs were under threat.

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