No one can benefit from hate: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday spread his message of peace and love and said that no one can ever benefit from hate.

“India is a country of love and brotherhood. No one can benefit from hate. So we have to move forward by taking everybody along with us,” Gandhi said while addressing a public meeting in Chandrapur, Maharashtra.

Here are other highlights from his speech:

  • Women of the families will receive ₹72,000 annually under NYAY scheme. We are doing this because Modi government has given ₹3,50,000 crore to a handful of industrialist friends, whereas, farmers in Vidarbha were ignored
  • Chowkidar Modi has only served the interests of his industrialist friends. When the nation was distracted during the Pulwama terror attack, contract for 6 airports were given to Adani

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  • Modi government is misleading our farmers by saying there is no money for loan waivers, whereas Anil Ambani gets ₹30,000Cr worth Rafale deal
  • Narendra Modi said ‘Make in India’, but today, unemployment is highest in 45 years. Demonetisation destroyed small businesses and the ones that survived were hit by Gabbar Singh Tax (GST-Goods and Services Tax)
  • When a person like Anil Ambani or Mehul Choksi fails to repay their bank loans, they are not put in jail, whereas when a farmer defaults it is treated as an criminal offence. Why this injustice? We will change this
  • Modi ji talks about the Hindu religion. A Guru has a very big role in Hindu religion. However, Modi ji insulted his mentor Advani ji by removing him. Hindu religion does not teach violence, to insult. That is why the Congress party runs on the ideology of love and brotherhood

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