Muslims have animalistic tendency, keep 50 women, have 1,050 kids: BJP MLA


Calling it an “animalistic tendency”, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA from Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district, Surendra Singh on Sunday said that Muslim men keep “50 women” and make “1,050 children.”

His comments came in response to reporters asking him about BJP MLA from Bareilly, Rajesh Mishra’s daughter Sakshi and Ajitesh Kumar’s marriage.

Sawal yeh hai ke Muslim dharm me jo hai aap jaante hai ke 50 aurat rakhiye aur 1,050 bachha paida kijiye. Yeh koi parampara nahi hai. Yeh to ek jo hai jaanwari pravitti hai. Theek hai, prakriti paddhati jo bhi santaan aa raha hai, do aa jaye, teen aa jaaye, chaar aa jaaye, usme koi baat nahi hai (The question is that in Muslim religion, a man can keep 50 women and father 1,050 children. This is no tradition but an animalistic tendency. Giving birth to two, three or four children is natural),” said Singh.

Singh is not new to controversy.

In March this year, Singh had said that Rahul Gandhi should marry dancer Sapna Chaudhary as she belongs to the same “profession” and “culture” as his mother Sonia Gandhi.

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“It is a good thing that Rahul ji is also taking his family tradition forward. His mother (Sonia Gandhi) was in the same profession (dancing) in Italy. And now they have accepted Sapna also. I want to tell Rahul Gandhi that the way his father (Rajiv Gandhi) had accepted Sonia Gandhi, he should also accept Sapna and start his new political innings,” Singh said.

He further said that the citizens of India will never allow a dancer to run this country and that her presence in any political party will have no impact.

“The people of this country will never allow a dancer to run this country. The country will only be lead by a respectable and honest person like Modi. A dancer joining politics will have no impact on the political scenario of this country,” Singh said.

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