Mr Javadekar, Rahul Gandhi is right when he says Kashmir is violence-ridden


In a press conference held on Wednesday, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar blamed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s tweets on Kashmir for encouraging Pakistan to interfere in the matter.

This comes in the background of Pakistan writing a letter to the UN over the Kashmir issue. The letter, written by Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari, quotes Rahul Gandhi claiming that “he noted people dying in Jammu and Kashmir.”

Rahul Gandhi was quick enough to slam Pakistan and cleared his stand once and for all.

“I disagree with this Govt. on many issues. But, let me make this absolutely clear: Kashmir is India’s internal issue & there is no room for Pakistan or any other foreign country to interfere in it. There is violence in Jammu & Kashmir. There is violence because it is instigated and supported by Pakistan which is known to be the prime supporter of terrorism across the world,” he tweeted.

However, this clarification was not enough for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which went ahead holding a press conference and blaming the former Congress president for encouraging Pakistan.

Well, Javadekar very easily said that Rahul Gandhi’s claim of violence in Kashmir is false but we would like to verify the same for him.

Javadekar ji needs to be reminded that there are a number of articles showing the ground reality on Kashmir and how the residents there are facing a complete lockdown and the situation there is far from being normal.

Have a look at these articles to know how the Modi government has given its own definition to the term normalcy.

What more? Recently, when Rahul Gandhi went to Kashmir to pay a visit there he was asked to return from the Srinagar airport itself and he got to witness something which the BJP people sitting here in Delhi would not.

Check out these videos below to see how local people from Jammu and Kashmir shared their concerns and apprehensions with Gandhi.

While Congress has been clear about it stand from the very beginning and how it is opposed to the way this move was executed. On the other hand, the BJP has only used to achieve its political motive.

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