Modi wins no-confidence, Rahul wins hearts

rahul gandhi

After Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi’s speech in the Parliament on Friday, a Twitter user wrote, “BJP won the no-confidence motion. Rahul Gandhi won the confidence.” We could agree no less!

As soon as Gandhi finished his speech, Twitterati went berserk with praises pouring from all sections applauding the Gandhi scion for his exceptionally good address.

They praised the CP for his exemplary speech and called him a ‘true leader’. For all the criticism the Congress has received for not acting like a true opposition, Gandhi’s speech has turned tables on the BJP.

Even those who weren’t really sure of Rahul Gandhi as a leader, their opinion changed with the power-packed speech.

Many prominent people from various industries – be it actors, politicians, journalists, comedians or activists, were impressed by Gandhi and warned the BJP of facing a strong opposition in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The best part of his entire speech was where he walked towards the Prime Minister and gave him a hug. PM Modi was shocked. He could not imagine an opposition leader coming to him with such respect and love.

At the end of the marathon #NoConfidenceMotion, when the time came for PM Modi to speak, he obviously fell short of words and facts as well.

Modi resorted to his old trick of beating around the bush and crying hoarse about #AccheDin that India has witnessed over the last four years.

Nervousness was writ large on Modi’s face and despite him trying to cover it by smiling, he absolutely failed at it.

Let’s have a look at some of the praises Gandhi received on Twitter:

Gandhi sounded the poll bugle for 2019 in the most beautiful and peaceful way. He has given the BJP a clear warning enveloped with respect and love.

People are all for Rahul Gandhi – his words and expressions – in the House on Friday.

Check out some quotes from Rahul Gandhi’s speech:

  • PM Modi’s political weapon is ‘Jumla Strike’
  • He (Modi) is not a ‘chaukidaar’, but a ‘bhagidaar’ (beneficiary)
  • “Sachai se daro mat” (Don’t fear the truth)
  • “During the adjournment break, not only opposition MPs but also your(NDA) MPs congratulated me and said you spoke very well”
  • “I am thankful to PM Modi, the BJP and the RSS for letting me realise the real meaning of the Congress and of being Indian. They made me realise what it means to be a real Indian and a true Hindu.”
  • “Aap logon ke andar mere liye nafrat hai, aap mujhe Pappu aur bohot gaaliyan dekar bula sakte hain, lekin mere andar aapke liye nafrat nahi hai” (You have hate for me, you call me Pappu and can abuse me, but I don’t have any hate for you)
  • “Congress and this spirit of love have made India. I will invoke this love from inside everyone. I will change everyone into Congress.”

His concluding lines wherein he talked about the real meaning of Congress and a true Hindu left the BJP numb, with PM Modi trying to hide his embarrassment by a meek smile.

Rahul Gandhi is not there to be pulled down anymore, and he gave the same message to his opposition yesterday. The rise of a leader is now unstoppable and the BJP has all the reasons to worry.

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