Narendra Modi: the Dictator who is destroying India


Writer- Anonymous

“The thoughts expressed in this piece are entirely mine and they are on a serious note. This post is all about, what I feel would Modi do, between now and the 2019 elections. I have given here my set of reasoning for my inferences, which are of just an individual. Here we go.

  1. Modi has now displayed most of the traits of a “true dictator”. Some of them are as under. Not allowing anybody from BJP to enjoy any kind limelight or visibility ever. He only appoints filtered jokers like Nirmala Sitaraman and Ravi Shankar Prasad. He would not allow anyone to stay in any post, who is applauded by the people in general. An example of this is the case of Raghuram Rajan. He only needs people, of the likes of Urjit Patel.
  2. He has appointed people at the helm affairs of all the institutions in the country, who have a dubious record. Look at any of them and you would understand. SC, RBI, CBI, CEC, CIC, ACB, Income Tax, ED and many others. His habit is to keep a dossier on each of them, which would contain a set of their wrong-doings in the past and which would be dangled in front of their nose, as their Damocles sword.
  3. He has castrated all the pillars of democracy and of all the institutions, like Niti Aayog (the erstwhile Planning Commission), bodies which give unemployment data, those fixing the “price of Pharma products & Drugs” threatening the honest officers of the Govt, the Judiciary and many others.
  4. He has bought the media inside out and is in close touch with a select group of Corporates who fund him and to whom he gives plum projects on a platter. Every voice of dissent from every corner of the society is brutally crushed. The paid Media should act as “his well-behaved slaves”.
  5. No dissent would be allowed from any quarters. It may be from his own party (like Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie), media and online portals (like Gauri Lankesh who was killed, Ravish Kumar and Siddharth Varadarajan, both of whom have got death threats) Bureaucracy (when honest officers like IPS Officer D K Ravi are eliminated) threatening the Judiciary with killings of Judges like Justice Loya etc.
  6. He is exactly following the steps of dictators like Erdogan of Turkey, Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela, Vladimir Putin of Russia Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Hassan Rouhani of Iran, Rulers of Middle East and many more. There is a clear commonality in the approach of all these dictators and Modi pretty well fits into that mold. He would trust no one, not even Amit Shah or Arun Jaitley. His trusted lieutenants would be “EVMs without VVPAT, CBI, ACB, ED and a few from Judiciary”.
  7. Modi is definitely losing his grip over the nation now, the manifestation of which can be seen from the following events. Some in Judiciary delivering verdicts not to his liking, some in media (more so through online portals) exposing his misdeeds, political alliance partners deserting him, students and farmers fearlessly taking out rallies, in major metros that make headlines, economy going through a tailspin, all of the economic trends nosediving, foreign media ripping him apart with factual data, an uncontrollable force called Kejriwal, people like Anna Hazare temporarily hogging the limelight, he losing out in elections from strategic locations like Gorakhpur & Phulpur and such others.
  8. At such times, the typical response of these dictators is to let loose “mayhem and civil unrest in the society”. Though my good friend Rajiv Tyagi feels that Modi has now been rendered toothless, I beg to disagree with him. Modi has now tasted the blood of absolute power. He would never let go of that, till he unseated.
  9. He would divide people, in every part of the country under every possible pretext. It would be like Hindus vs Muslims, OBCs vs Forward Class, Lingayats vs Vokkaligas for elections in Karnataka, moderate vs aggressive Sikhs (like Khalistani type) in Punjab, Patidars vs others in Gujarat, Telangana vs Hyderabad, so-called Forward class vs Backward class in Tamil Nadu and such others.
  10. Modi’s only goal now would be “self-preservation”. He would have no qualms in mortgaging anything that is under his control, except his “absolute power”. How else can he keep looting the Treasury of RBI, without coming up with actual data after Demonetisation. He would continue to loot, under the cover of “reconciliation of figures”.
  11. My feeling is that the next 12 months are going to be a nightmare for the people of India on all fronts. Modi would need tons of money to fight the 2019 elections, to buy votes, MLAs, MPs, important people from the opposition parties pay-offs to investigation agencies and many others. Hence prices of vegetables, cereals & pulses, Petrol & Diesel, LPG Gas cylinder and many other items, would all go up significantly. It is the people, who would have to fund him ultimately, to help him to achieve his goals.
  12. Honest people from every fraternity and from every walk of life, like Kejriwal, the four Supreme Court judges and such others would be hauled over the coals. A scene of terror would be systematically and strategically created, so that people would be gripped by the anarchy unleashed, forgetting to raise their voices in the process. In the melee of confusion of fear amongst the people, Modi would try to ascend the throne again. If you agree with the content, share it widely through FB & WA.

These are the typical trends of behavior of true Dictators, over many centuries, across the globe and through many civilizations.”

One thought on “Narendra Modi: the Dictator who is destroying India

  1. Mr. Anonymous, I am very very happy to hear this news.Let ur golden tongue, utter the most wanted thing for present day India which is tormented by “split India Gang” , be true. Democracy is helpless to stop traitors and anti nationals !! LET GOD HELP INDIA BY MAKING NARENDRA MODI A DICTATOR !!

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