Madhya Pradesh farmers face hard time as onion prices drop to Re1/kg

Madhya Pradesh

Due to bumper crop production in Madhya Pradesh, onion and garlic prices have drastically dropped in the state, adding to the troubles of already suffering farmers.

According to a report in Patrika, onion was sold for Re. 1 per kilogram in Neemach and for 50 paise per kilogram in Sailana on December 4 (Tuesday). In Mandsaur, onion was sold for Rs. 2 per kilogram.

“Farmers are growing onions and garlic but expenses and cost are unable to be met,” Patrika quoted Mathuri farmer Samarth Patidar as saying.

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He further said that while the price of onions in these mandis is too low, it is being sold between Rs. 15-18 in open markets. He said the farmers are being deceived.

Despite repeated demands from farmers from across the country to ensure minimum support price (MSP) for their crops, the government has failed to provide them with the same.

It can be very well understood why farmers across the country are out on streets and protesting against the government.

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