Madhya Pradesh bypolls: BJP senior ministers openly threaten voters


After facing huge embarrassment in the Chitrakoot bypoll and the desperation to win upcoming bypolls, senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ministers are stooping to a new low.

The ministers are now trying to threaten voters in order to force them to vote for the lotus.

Madhya Pradesh’s Minister for Sports and Youth Welfare, Religious Trusts and Endowment Yashodhara Raje Scindia reportedly threatened voters while on the campaign trail on February 17.

An ANI tweet quoted Scindia saying, “Chulhe ki yojana, kyun nahi aayi aapke paas? Bharatiya Janata Party, kamal ki yojana hai. Aap panje mein vote doge, aapke paas aaegi nahi. Aap kamal ko doge, aapke paas aaegi. Seedhi baat hai. Aap agar panje ko vote doge toh hum panje ko kyun denge? Hum panje ke haath se kyun denge aapko chulha? Nahi denge. Aaapko apni samajhdaari se aisi party ko vote dena hai jiski har cheez aapke gharon mein aa jaaye”.

If this was not enough, in another such instance, Madhya Pradesh Urban Development and Housing minister Maya Singh delivered equally brazen threats.

She said, ““Jinhone phool ko vote diya unka sab theek hai. Aapne haath ko vote dene ki galti kari. BJP ko vote dijiye sabko sab kuch milega. Apna vote kharaab mat karna. Jo agar iss baar galti karenge woh kuch nahi paa payenge”.

The memory of Congress defeating BJP by 14,000 votes in the Chitrakoot bypoll is still fresh in the minds of the saffron party ministers and the fear of loss in the upcoming bypolls is making them come up with such statements.

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