LPG price crosses ₹1,000 for first time in 70 years


The price of non-subsidised domestic Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder has cross ₹1,000 mark in many places across the country.

The price of a domestic cylinder in Patna is ₹1,039, ₹1,017 in Raipur, ₹1,111 in Darjeeling, ₹1,081 in Aizawl, ₹1,003 in Jammu region and ₹1,015 in Karnataka’s Bidar.

In other cities like Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi, the price is inching towards the ₹1,000 mark. The price of LPG cylinder is ₹969, ₹971 and ₹942 in Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi respectively.

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Apart from the base price and levies, the price of gas cylinders also include transportation cost from the bottling plant to various retail outlets.

Unlike petrol and diesel prices which are revised on a daily basis, the price of LPG cylinder is revised on a monthly basis.

According to NDTV sources, the prices of gas cylinders are expected to go down by December.

The price of gas cylinder was almost half in October 2016, which was the lowest since the Modi Government came to power in May 2014. Now, the price has doubled.

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