Looks like PM Modi has failed the Rafale exam


It was expected of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the Parliament session today and answer the questions posed to him by Congress President Rahul Gandhi yesterday. But, it seems like, he is still not ready to answer those questions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Punjab today and inaugurated Indian Science Congress at Lovely Professional University (LPU) there.

As a result, Rahul Gandhi took another dig at the Prime Minister and requested the students of the university to ask him to answer the 4 questions asked him yesterday.

“So it seems our PM has fled Parliament & his own open book Rafale exam & is instead lecturing students at Lovely Univ. in Punjab, today. I request the students there to, respectfully, ask him to please answer the 4 questions posed to him by me, yesterday. #RafaleScam,” Gandhi tweeted.

Yesterday, after a debate in Parliament and a press conference, Gandhi continued his attack on the government over the controversial Rafale deal and challenged PM Modi to answer four questions posed by him. The 4 questions are:

Q1. Why 36 aircraft, instead of the 126 the IAF (Indian Air Force) needed?

Q2. Why 1,600 crore instead of 560 crore per aircraft.

Q3. Why Parrikar Ji keeps a Rafale file in his bedroom & what’s in it?

Q4. Why AA (Anil Ambani) instead of HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)?

“Tomorrow, the PM faces an Open Book #RafaleDeal Exam in Parliament. Here are the exam questions in advance: Q1. Why 36 aircraft, instead of the 126 the IAF needed? Q2. Why 1,600 Cr instead of 560 Cr per aircraft. Q4. Why AA instead of HAL? Will he show up? Or send a proxy?” Gandhi has asked these questions in a tweet.

But, in his tweet, it looked as if he had missed out on posting question number 3.

However, hours later, the Gandhi scion put out another tweet and told us the reason for holding back question 3.

“The Missing Q3! I had held back Q3 because Madam Speaker had said, “no talking about the Goa tape”! But the missing Q3 has become as controversial as Rafale:) So on popular demand: Q3. Modi Ji, please tell us why  Parrikar Ji keeps a Rafale file in his bedroom & what’s in it?” Gandhi later tweeted.

Looks like, PM Modi has, yet again, failed to pass the Rafale exam and has bunked the exam as he did yesterday.

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