#GujaratManageJawaab: Rahul Gandhi exposes the Modi Government

rahul gandhi

It has been a long, dark phase of 22 years for Gujarat and it is now demanding answers from PM Modi and BJP.

That explains why the BJP machinery is trying so hard to shift the discourse to all things imaginable under the sun – right from surgical strikes, to Pakistan, to Hafiz Saeed, to 26/11. On November 29th, the nation hung its head in shame as the BJP stooped to an all new low even by its abysmal standards – by fabricating an entry in the register book of the venerable Somnath Temple, to make it appear that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi identifies as a non-Hindu.

Well, understanding the people’s woes, Rahul Gandhi has taken the responsibility of becoming the voice of the Gujaratis.

Rahul Gandhi has been asking some scathing questions to PM Modi and his government, with regard to loans, women safety, women health, education, price hike, health etc. Also, these questions are not mere statements, but backed with facts.

Till date, PM Modi has been posed with 9 questions and many more are to come.

Here is a list of his questions, put out by Rahul Gandhi on his Twitter account:

We expect that Modi would respond to Rahul Gandhi’s questions. But the irony is, he really does not have answers to these questions, as these are not just questions, but the bitter reality that expose the villainous face of the Modi Government.

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