Congress poses serious questions to PM Modi, asks when will he break his “maun vrat”


Flooding the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP Government with a barrage of questions, the Congress on Monday pointed out at some serious issues prevalent in the country currently.

In a press conference held today, Congress national spokesperson Manish Tewari stressed upon every unanswered question by Prime Minister Modi.

Tewari raised a series of questions and sought answers from all from the Prime Minister.

Right from Jay Shah to Nirav Modi, GSPC Scam to Jay Shah controversy, the Congress left no opportunity to reveal the truth and demand answers for the same.

Starting from the latest, he said how was Mehul Choksi, co-accused in the Rs. 11,500 crore PNB scam, allowed to leave the country when he was already declared an absconder on August 4, 2017.

Some of the other questions raised by the Congress are:

  • What is your reaction to The Wire’s story of BJP President’s son (Jay Shah) whose company grew 16000 times in a year?
  • The price of Rafale jet increased 3 times in the new deal. What is the benchmark price of each jet now? At what price did the government finally purchase the Rafale jets?
  • Who is responsible for facilitating the escape of Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and their families?
  • PM, what is the reason for the untimely death of JusticevLoya? Everybody who is part of this discourse has raised questions. But till today, not a single question has been answered.
  • Ex-CM of Gujarat Mr. Modi had announced that GSPC had discovered oil and gas. But now when he is a PM, ONGC is buying out GSPC. What is the reason for this, if GSPC was making profit with its discovery?

Congress’ last question was the one which everybody keeps asking and wants to know desperately when it will happen.

It said:

  • Finally, when will PM Modi hold a press conference, like all his predecessors?

We hope, the Prime Minister breaks his silence and gives answers to all these questions.

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