BJP government opens senior administrative roles to lateral entry

Lateral entry

Expressing concern over the recent advertisement for senior level bureaucratic posts open to lateral entry, Congress spokesperson PL Punia said that this could be an attempt to influence government policies. P Chidambaram said he was seriously concerned but would reserve his questions till the BJP government answers the questions the Congress party has raised.

The advertisement was for 10 outstanding individuals, including t hose from the private sector that had the required experience and expertise in areas of revenue, financial services, economic affairs, agriculture, cooperation and farmers’ welfare, road transport and highways, shipping, environment, forests and climate change, new and renewable energy, civil aviation and commerce.

In the past, appointment of the post of joint-secretary (the post being advertised for) was normally done from the IFS, IPS, IAS or other services. This is a crucial post that leads policy making and the implementation of programmes and schemes. The joint-secretary will report to the secretary or additional secretary in the ministry or department making them quite senior in the department assigned to them. This can be a serious concern especially given the power they will wield.

PL Punia who was in the civil services before he joined politics said, “This is totally wrong. They will try to recruit people associated with the RSS, the BJP and their affiliate organisations besides the employees working for top industrialists who are close to the government. They will try and influence government policies and these people will not be neutral or fair. This step is not in national interest.”

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