BJP candidate list looks like ‘Karnataka’s most wanted’

Rahul Gandhi, President of the Congress party has demanded a reply to PM Modi’s choice of leaders from BJP for the Karnataka election. In his tweet, Mr. Gandhi said it looked like an episode of ‘Karnataka’s Most Wanted’.

Yet PM Modi has given 8 tickets to the Reddy brothers that were involved in illegal mining and export of 35,000 crore iron ore. The cherry on the cake, of course, is BS Yeddyurappa with 23 cases of corruption, forgery, and cheating. He spent time in jail on corruption charges and land scams.

Not to leave the other candidates behind – here is a list of 10 with their ‘qualifications’.

o   Shri TH Suresh Babu, BJP candidate from Kampli with 6 criminal cases the nephew of Sriramalu and associate of Janardhana Reddy

o   Shri Somashekhar Reddy, Janardhana Reddy’s brother and BJP candidate from Bellary city with 5 criminal cases

o   Shri Katta Subramanya Naidu, former Minister for Housing (BJP) is the candidate from Shivaji Nagar Bengaluru with 4 criminal cases

o   Shri ES.EN. Krisshnaiah Shetty Malur is BJP’s candidate from Malur with 4 criminal cases

o   Shri Sriramulu BJP candidate from Badami and Molkalmuru with 3 criminal cases and a close associate of Janardhana Reddy

o   Shri CT Ravi a former BJP Minister and their candidate from Chikkamaglur with 3 criminal cases

o   Shri Shivana Gouda Nayak BJP candidate from Devadurga with 3 criminal cases

o   Shri Murgesh Nirani, a former Minister from BJP candidate from Bilgi and Bagalkot with 2 criminal cases

o   Shri R. Ashok, former Deputy CM from BJP is their candidate from Padmanaba Nagar with 2 criminal cases

o   Ms. Shobha Karandlaje is presently an MP with a case pending against her under Section 45 of Prevention of Money Laundering

Despite the glowing recommendations against his own party leaders, Mr. Modi has spoken about corruption by the Congress Chief Minister Siddramaiah claiming that it is called a 10% government because the chief minister takes a 10% commission for all work done. This is in spite of all the progress made in Karnataka during CM Siddramaiah’s tenure. Perhaps Mr. Modi is afraid to come back to the real world since his failures are bound to be a rude shock to him. However, it would be prudent for some of his ‘advisors’ to do at least a rudimentary fact check before speeches. The video shared by Rahul Gandhi ends with saying Mr. Modi is free to look at a paper for his answers, but then we might not get a view into Mr. Modi’s La La Land.

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