Arvind Subramanian exit: Brightest fleeing sinking ship steered by RSS, says Rahul Gandhi

Arvind Subramanian

Just after news of Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian quitting broke, Congress president Rahul Gandhi criticised the central government saying that its “brightest” talents were feeling the “sinking ship” as the “invisible hand” of the RSS was steering it onto the rocks.

“Ex ? FM is locked in his room, breaking news on FaceBook. BJP Treasurer has the keys to the Indian Economy. The brightest flee the sinking ship, as the “invisible hand” of the RSS steers it onto the rocks. Meanwhile, Captain DeMo is fast asleep. It’s crazy out there!” Gandhi tweeted.

The Gandhi scion targeted Union Minister Arun Jaitley, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) treasurer and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Due to a kidney ailment, Arun Jaitley has not attended office for a month, but he is seen regularly posting blogs on his Facebook account. The announcement of Subramanian’s resignation was also made by Jaitley in his blog on Facebook.

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Gandhi also hit out at the BJP Treasurer and hinted towards him actually running the economy. Gandhi also took a dig at Prime Minister Modi by calling him “Captain DeMo”, with regard to him coming up with the decision of demonetisation.

Gandhi also highlighted the RSS’ role in the government, which works from behind and in a way, controls the BJP and the NDA government and also held it responsible for the current mess in which the country and the economy is.

The Congress president’s tweet highlighted that in the current scenario, the brightest talents and assets of the government were leaving before its too late.

Subramanian resigned yesterday after four years of service, citing personal reasons due to which he has to go back to the US.

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