Amit Shah visits Karnataka but not Kerala

Amit Shah

It’s kind of unfair on the part of a Home Minister to select which state to visit when all the states in the list are suffering and having a problematic time. However, Home Minister Amit Shah decided to visit flood-struck Karnataka but has chosen not to take a survey of flood-ravaged Kerala, as reported by National Herald.

Some ray of hope was seen when Kerala governor P Sathasivam stated in a press release that Shah had informed him that the Centre would consider providing “liberal support” to Kerala.However, the “liberal support” turned out to be just Rs. 52.27 crore, as reported by National Herald.

It kind of rings bells and wonder if Shah’s decision to not visit Kerala has anything to do with Rahul Gandhi being the MP of Wayand and him visiting the flood-ravaged state.

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The situation in Kerala is grim. Over 2.15 lakh people have taken shelter in 1,639 relief camps. While the death toll has reached 72, according to the report issued by the state government at 7 pm Sunday, 58 people are still missing.

Forgetting about everything, the main focus of our leaders should be on rescuing the people stuck there and providing maximum help to flood-struck states.

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