Cow slaughter bigger crime than terrorism: Alwar BJP MLA

cow slaughter

Known for making controversial statements, BJP MLA Gyan Dev Ahuja was at it again on Monday when he said that cow slaughter was a bigger crime than terrorism because cows are treated as mothers in India and such activities against them cannot be tolerated.

The BJP MLA from Alwar’s Ramgarh constituency further said that people will be hurt by cow slaughtering which would lead to some incidents.

“Geeta, Dharti (land), cow, Ganga, Tulsi and a birth giver are treated as mother in the country. Any misbehaviour with the mother of the country is not tolerated and therefore cow slaughtering is a bigger crime than terrorism,” he said while speaking to reporters here.

Ahuja’s comments come in the backdrop of the arrest of three women in Alwar’s Govindgarh. The women were arrested with nearly 40kg suspected beef. It was alleged that a family belonging to a minority community allegedly slaughtered a cow to sell the beef.

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The BJP MLA from Alwar’s Ramgarh constituency is the one who accused the local police for the death of 280-year-old dairy farmer Rakbar Khan who was assaulted by a cow vigilante group on suspicion of transporting cows for slaughter. He had then demanded the release of the three accused who had been arrested by the police in connection with the same case.

He was of the opinion that not the cow vigilantes but the police was responsible for Rakbar’s death.

“The home minister has acknowledged that Akbar alias Rakbar Khan, who was accused of cow smuggling, died in police custody. It was repeatedly said by the MLA that he was not killed by the people and he died in police custody. When the home minister has admitted the fact of the custodial death, why innocent cow vigilantes and villagers are being made accused?” a statement issued by Ahuja’s office said.

Rakbar and another man, Aslam were attacked by a group of people when they were transporting two cows from Alwar to their village Kolgaon in Haryana. While Aslam managed to escape, Rakbar was brutally beaten by the mob.

What is unfortunate, the Ramgarh police took 3 hours to take Rakbar to the community health centre in Ramgarh, where he was declared brought dead at the hospital.

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