5.28 lakh police posts lying vacant, 1.3 lakh in Uttar Pradesh alone

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As many as 5.28 lakh posts in police forces are lying vacant, of which nearly 1.29 lakh are in Uttar Pradesh alone. Uttar Pradesh is being followed by Bihar and West Bengal, in which 50,291 and 48,981 posts are lying vacant respectively.

As per latest data compiled by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, there are 23,79,728 sanctioned posts in police forces of all states and Union Territories, of which a total of 5,28,396 posts were lying vacant as on January 01, 2018.

Uttar Pradesh has a sanctioned strength of 4,14,492 posts of which 1,28,952 are lying vacant. West Bengal has a sanctioned strength of 1,40,904 of which 48,981 are lying vacant. Similarly, Bihar has 50,291 vacant posts in its sanctioned strength of 1,28,286.

Out of its sanctioned strength of 76,407, Telangana has 30,345 posts lying vacant.

Next in the queue is Maharashtra, which has 26,195 vacant posts as against its sanctioned strength of 2,40,224 police force personnel.

As against its total sanctioned strength of 1,15,731 posts, Madhya Pradesh has 22,355 posts lying vacant.

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There are 22,420 vacant posts in Tamil Nadu whereas its sanctioned strength is 1,24,130.

Coming to Karnataka, Gujarat and Jharkhand, they have 21,943, 21,070 and 18,931 vacant posts respectively as against their sanctioned strength of 1,00,243, 1,09,337 and 79,950 personnel respectively.

Out of its sanctioned strength of 1,06,232 police personnel, Rajasthan has 18,003 posts lying vacant.

In Andhra Pradesh, 17,933 posts out of 72,176 sanctioned strength are lying vacant, whereas in Haryana, Out of its sanctioned strength of 61,346, Haryana has 16,844 posts lying vacant.

Terror-hit Jammu and Kashmir has a sanctioned strength of 87,882 police force personnel of which 10,044 posts are lying vacant. In Assam, 11,452 posts of total sanctioned strength of 65,987 are vacant.

Odisha has a sanctioned strength of 66,973 posts of which 10,322 are lying vacant. Naxal-affected Chhattisgarh has 11,916 posts lying vacant as against its sanctioned strength of 71,606 police force personnel.

Nagaland is the only state in the country which has more police personnel than its sanctioned strength. The state has 941 more personnel than its sanctioned strength of 21,292.

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