#2SawalDoJawab: India demands answer from PM Modi on Rafale scam


Yesterday in Parliament, Congress President Rahul Gandhi posed to questions to Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on the controversial Rafale deal, which the latter failed to answer.

As a result, the Congress Chief today took to Twitter again to ask the same two questions and requested all to ask the same to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sitharaman.

“RM spoke for 2 hrs. in Parliament, but she couldn’t answer the 2 simple questions I asked her. Watch & SHARE this video. Let every Indian ask the PM & his Ministers these questions. #2SawalDoJawab,” Gandhi tweeted.

The two questions asked by Gandhi which still remain unanswered are:

Q1. Who gave Anil Ambani the offset contract?

Q2. Did Defence Ministry object to the new deal?

The hashtag #2SawalDoJawab is already trending on Twitter and netizens are posing these two questions to the Prime Minister.

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The Congress also posted the two questions from its Twitter handle.

[email protected] & @narendramodi please answer the following questions you conveniently ignored. 1. Who gave Anil Ambani the offset contract? 2. Did Defence Ministry object to the new deal? #2SawalDoJawab,” it tweeted.

If you, as citizens of India, want to ask these questions to PM Modi and Defence Minister Sitharaman, then use the hashtag #2SawalDoJawab and post the two questions from your Twitter account.

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